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ANTIGONE in ZWBSB Project – Developments in the periods of April 2020 – August 2020 and August 2020 – December 2020

ANTIGONE in ZWBSB Project – Developments in the period of August 2020 – December 2020

The beginning of the project implementation in September 2020, found ANTIGONE carrying out most part of -at the time- necessary tender procedures. More specifically, ANTIGONE published procurements regarding the Waste Research for the DT.1.1.1, Communication Services Expertise and Educational Services Expertise.

Publication of the procurements followed by all necessary signing of contracts on early July and all deliverables were assigned based on the project’s timeframe.

Following on 10.07.2020 the next procurement was published regarding all public events organization e.g. Α.Τ 2.8 Five Field Trips for clean- up activities in Greece, A.T. 2.7 One day awareness raising events, D .T. 3.3.1 International Conference for Zero Waste Centers in BSB, D .T. 3.3.2 Signed Platform Active Participation Agreement with the stakeholders, DC 2.1 Press Releases, D. T. 2.3.1 zero plastic in schools in Greece, D.T 2.3.3. The bottle cup art exhibition, 2.3.5 persons actively participating in the school campaign. The contract was signed on early August.

Concerning the staff selection for the 2 educators and the financial assistant the calls for the position openings on 1st September was published on 10.07.2020 and 3 new staff members were selected by end of August to be hired on 1st September. The first deliverable, i.e. D.C 1.1 Communication Plan, was available in draft version on late August.

It is worth mentioning that in all the environmental actions and awareness raising activities that took place from 23/4/2020 until 23/8/2020, the number of persons that actively participated was 17928.

The first four months of the project’s implementation passed into smooth cooperation between the partners, without any problems or deviations.

ANTIGONE in ZWBSB Project – Developments in the period of August 2020 – December 2020

The presence of the Covid-19 pandemic was in full swing in August 2020. As a result, the inaugural meeting of the program could not take in physical presence and had to take place in another date. Nevertheless, partnering institutions already knew each other and had connections, so they could collaborate using the tools of technology for remote communication. As a result, their efforts were focused on the actions of the project that did not require physical presence. Beginning activities within the Management (M) workgroup did occur and contact between partners has been close, despite the absence of physical meetings.


Within Workgroup (T1) Analysing and Planning activities of the pollution situation in the target areas, the tender procedures regarding these activities have commenced for ANTIGONE (PP2), IMPEER (PP3) and Tsarevo Municipality (PP4). In addition, as part of this Activity T1 IMPEER worked on monitoring and analyzing the zero waste system since the beginning of the project and prepared the plan of the waste characterization research for all project beneficiaries. As a part of GA Communication IMPEER as a scientific organisation, started project promotion by writing scientific articles. Activities for this work group performed as planned but within COVID-19 restrictions which were different per country at that time.


Concerning Workgroup (T2) Activities for increasing public awareness on zero waste systems, even though activities could not start yet due to approval of notification regarding change of time schedule (submitted due to COVID-19), tender procedures have been started and finalized for most of them. Tender procedures were finalized so that activities could start online or in physical presence as soon as possible. Due to COVID-19 pandemic the realization of workshops at the school buildings was not feasible at the moment. For this reason, ANTIGONE (PP2) asked to enhance the target group into students including university students, and young community members as well as to alter the workshops into digital workshops for the time period that there was a total lock down in Greece. Then, the educators already conducted some digital workshops with students and raised awareness about zero waste practices and recycling at approximately 80 students.


IMPEER (PP3) implemented the project according to the Note of MA from 12th of March 2020 and Ukrainian law in respect to COVID-19 measurements. Bulgaria (PP4) asked also for a postponement of deadlines due to the complex situation with Covid 19 in November for Activity A.T2.3 Public awareness campaign on theme: Zero Plastic in Schools and Activity A.T2.4 River and Costal Line clean up cross-border campaigns and also for the posibility part of the activities such as workshops in A.T2.3 to be performed digitally and / or online, if it is necessary.


Within Workgroup (I1) Investment for integration of Zero waste system in 39 local villages in Kirklareli region, tender procedure was finalized for supply of the vehicles and containers as a combined tender procedure. According to PRAG regulation this procedure was a Local Open Tender for Supply. The Contract notice and tender documents were sent to 3 invited companies and also published on all necessary websites and an article was published on the same day at a national Newspaper. The necessary contract was signed on 03.12.2020.


Regarding Workgroup (I2) Ensuring clear environment by minimizing local pollution and decreasing waste in Tsarevo, a start was made by Bulgaria (PP4) for tender documents. In connection with the above a Notification for modifications requested in the technical specification for Multifunctional utility machine for outdoor areas and for detailing of the technical specifications for Hand-held, vacuum vacuum cleaner with electric drive, part of the assets that will be purchased by Activity A.I2.1 Ensuring clear environment by minimizing local pollution and decreasing waste in Tsarevo.


Communication (C) workgroup has started from the beginning of the project implementation. Communication is an integral part of the project and the smooth implementation. The Communication plan has been approved by all partners and is used as a guideline within the project. Another important part of communication has been the launch of the project website. The Website has been launched and used under the following name: Notifications, updates and other important information will all be uploaded on that website along with the websites of the partners. The visibility and communication rules set by the programme are of specific importance. All documentation (paper communication, promotional materials etc.) have been set up according to these rules. Scientific articles on the side of IMPEER (PP3) have been also published in aim of project promotion.


Up to the reporting period of the present progress report, 20% of the project activities have been completed. Despite the presence of COVID-19 pandemic, the partners managed to plan and start activities that can be performed within any circumstances. These entail mainly paper work like tender procedures and other possible activities.


Despite the delays and the deviations due to non-physical presence, project partners had a smooth cooperation so far and the main intention is to perform the ”opening event” and all the other activities that need physical person when the external circumstances allow to do so.

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