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Two consecutive events within the ZeroWasteBSB project are organized by “ANTIGONE”

Two consecutive online events in the framework of the ZeroWasteBSB project are organized on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 April 2021 by “ANTIGONE”.

The first one, entitled “Waste and active citizen participation”, will present a research on Thessaloniki, which reflects the situation that has developed in the field of waste, as well as a forecast for its development.

At the same time, references will be made to examples of good practices of active participation of the citizens for the reduction of waste in the area of ​​Thessaloniki in order to inform and sensitize the public.

Among the speakers of the first day is the mayor of Neapolis – Sykea, Simos Daniilidis, who will refer to the policies and waste reduction programs followed by his municipality.

The second event is about climate change and is aimed at students, parents, teachers and NGOs active in the fields of environment and enhancing the active participation of citizens.

The project “Zero Waste Strategy: Methods and Implementation in Black Sea Basin” with the acronym “ZeroWasteBSB”, is implemented under the program “Joint Operational Program Black Sea Basin 2014-2020” and is co-financed by the European Union through the European Neighborhood Mechanism (EMI) -European Neighborhood Instrument) and from the participating countries: Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine.
The detailed program of the two days is as follows:

Monday 26 April 2021

Login details
Passcode: 734749

“Waste and active citizen participation”

17: 00-17: 05
Welcome and registration
Athena Motsiopoulou
Project Trainer Zerowaste BSB788A ‘part- Presentation of Project Results17: 05-17: 10
Presentation of the project ZeroWaste BSB788
Dr. Natasa Kiorapostolou, Project Coordinator17: 10-17: 20
Current and future waste situation in the greater Thessaloniki area
Dr. Christos Papalexiou, Research Author AT 1.1.
17: 20-17: 30
Presentation of a Management Guide with active Citizen Participation
Sofia Stefanidou, ANTIGONE

17: 30-17: 35
ZeroWasteBSB Online Communication Platform
Dr. Natasa Kiorapostolou, Project Coordinator

17: 35-17: 45
Comments- Discussion

Part B – Examples of Active Citizen Participation in Waste Reduction

17: 45-17: 55
Waste reduction policies and programs in the Municipality of Neapolis Sykeon
Mayor of Neapolis-Sykeon, Mr. Simos Daniilidis17: 55-18: 05
Waste reduction in the Municipality of Neapolis-Sykea: Building relationships of trust with citizens
Deputy Mayor of Environment, Cleaning – Waste Management of the Municipality of Neapolis-Sykea, Mr. Antonis Saoulidis18: 05-18: 15
The importance of active citizen participation and actions of the Municipality of Delta
Grigoris Saridis, Special Advisor to the Mayor, Municipality of Delta18: 15-18: 25
“I recycle and reduce waste in the Municipality of Delta”
Lia Papadraga, President and Communications Manager of COINSEP Ecoroutes
18: 25-18: 30
Break18: 30-18: 40
Possibilities and tests of the zero waste philosophy in the Oikopolis Social Space
Verena Fink, Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki18: 40-18: 50
“Close the Circle with InCommOn”
Marina Koumoutsakou, Fundraising Coordinator & Education Adviser, InCommon18: 50-19: 00
The cyclical management of surplus clothing through the Fabric Republic
Christina Gerothodorou, Head of Commercial Department – Fabric Republic, IASIS
19: 10-19: 20
# zeroplastic- Awareness campaign for plastic and microplastic pollution in the Greek seas
Anastasia Charitou, Head of zeroplastic program, isea

19: 20-19: 30
The “Save your hood” mobilization
Vassilis Sfakianopoulos, Responsible Mind “Save your hood”

19: 30-19-40
“By changing a simple habit you make the difference #Stopotirimou”
Melina Avramidou, Marina Gougousi, Greenpeace Volunteers

19: 40-20: 00
Open Discussion

Coordinated by Athena Motsiopoulou and Tania Guzouma, trainers of the Zerowaste project. Tuesday 27 April 2021

Login details:
Passcode: 591701

“Climate change”

17: 00-17: 05
Welcome and registration
Tanya Guzuma
Zerowaste Project Instructor BSB78817: 05-17: 10
Presentation of the project ZeroWaste BSB788
Dr. Natasa Kiorapostolou, Project Coordinator Part A The issue of Climate Change17: 10-17: 25
The phenomenon of Climate Change
Professor Alexandros Georgopoulos, President of ANTIGONE
17: 25-17: 40
Climate change and water reserves
Dr. George Blionis, Ecology Solidarity

17: 40-17: 55
The deeper causes and the invisible effects
Costas Gavrilakis, Assistant Professor of PTE University of Ioannina

17: 55-18: 00
Time out

Part B – The role of environmental education in reducing the phenomenon
18: 00-18: 10

tree project- action of raising awareness and mobilizing citizens for the strengthening of the urban green in Thessaloniki
Periklis Chatzinakos, General Manager of mamagea environmental organization
18: 10-18: 20
Climate change and plastics: The Plastic Atlas version
Agapi – Evangelia Tsampazi, Ecology Program Coordinator Heinrich BΊll Foundation, Thessaloniki Office, Greece
18: 20-18: 30
Educational games on climate change
Chrysoula Athanassiou, George Yfantis, Environmental Education Center of Eleftherios Kordelios
18: 30-19: 00
Open Discussion
Coordinated by Athena Motsiopoulou and Tania Guzouma, trainers of the Zerowaste project.


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