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ZeroWaste BSB: Environmental education versus environmental amnesia

The “Zero Waste” party at the 10th kindergarten of Komotini is one of the activities that stole the show at the online event of “ANTIGONE” which took place on Monday, May 10, 2021 as the confetti used were green leaves, bamboo straws and the waste he left behind zero!

To achieve this result the members of the Kookoonari team conducted nine workshops for young students, teachers and parents, creating the conditions for the operation of a school community with zero waste.

At the event of “ANTIGONE” entitled “Environmental education in the activation and commitment of citizens” held within the project “Zero Waste Strategy: Methods and Implementation in Black Sea Basin” with the acronym “ZeroWasteBSB” the assistant professor of the Pedagogical Department Of Education of the University of Thessaly Iris Tsevreni spoke about the alienation of children from the natural world.

“It seems that children no longer belong to nature and we have to take actions to get closer to it,” said Ms. Tsevreni and spoke about generations with environmental amnesia!

“Many children do not know basic species of animals and plants while they are afraid to come in contact with them,” Ms. Tsevreni said, adding that being away from nature deprives children of the ability to acquire basic perceptual, emotional, motor and spiritual abilities.

The representative of the center, Chrysoula Athanassiou, referred to the program “Schools protect the climate” implemented jointly with “ANTIGONE” and the Heinrich B .ll Foundation, the Center for Environmental Education of Eleftherios Kordelios and Vertiskos. As he said, the schools are the public buildings with the highest energy consumption in the country while he presented good practices that are applied with the aim of involving the school community in the reduction of energy waste, in the mitigation of climate change and the reduction of the energy footprint.

Bing Bang School teacher Amarylis Tsiouprou spoke about the effort to turn young students into… environmental agents with the task of defending and protecting it through specific actions such as recycling, composting and saving electricity.

“There is no discrimination in nature,” said Anastasia Haritou, iSea’s educational program manager, who spoke on sustainability, biodiversity, food, alien species, vulnerable species and waste. programs the organization.

Konstantina Pantziou from “ANTIGONE” spoke about the importance of inclusion.

“Local children together with children of refugees and immigrants cleaned a beach together. “In front of the common goal, the characteristics that separate them have disappeared”, he noted.

Finally, the chairman of the Board of “ANTIGONIS” om. AUTos professor Alekos Georgopoulos, speaking about environmental and experiential education, stressed that the former does not exist without the latter.

“The motto is I learn by doing” noted Mr. Georgopoulos and spoke about the famous “clock” which as he said as a figure works as follows: At 12 something happens that creates an experience. At 3 we reflect, at 6 we have developed a small theory, at 9 we apply the theory resulting in 12 to produce a new experience.

We remind you that Monday’s event was the 4th day of awareness (three other events have preceded) in the framework of “ZeroWasteBSB”, implemented under the program “Joint Operational Program Black Sea Basin 2014-2020” and co-financed by the European Union through European Neighborhood Instrument (EMI-European Neighborhood Instrument) and from the participating countries: Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine.

The purpose of the “ZeroWasteBSB” is to raise public awareness of the environmental challenges and good waste management associated with the pollution of rivers and seas in the Black Sea Basin, in order to ensure the improvement of the well-being of Sea. 4 countries participate in the project: Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine.

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