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Volunteers collected 680 liters of waste from Aretsos beach with the support of the Municipality of Kalamaria

680 liters of waste were collected on Wednesday, June 23, at Aretsos beach by volunteers, despite the high temperatures. This initiative was carried out in the framework of the “ZeroWasteBSB” program of the ANTIGONE Information and Documentation Center, which opened a cycle of 5 cleaning actions in natural beauty areas in Thessaloniki.

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Απορρίμματα 680 λίτρων μάζεψαν εθελοντές από την παραλία Αρετσούς με τη στήριξη του Δήμου Καλαμαριάς


Zero Waste BSB: Στις 23 Ιουνίου ο καθαρισμός της παραλίας Αρετσούς με την υποστήριξη του δήμου Καλαμαριάς



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