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Thessaloniki: Thermaikos hid 40 tons of tires – The cleaning left everyone speechless

The seabed of Thermaikos in Thessaloniki, hid images that few imagined until the cleaning…

Forty tons of tires were removed from the bottom of the Thermaic Gulf in the area between the French River and the Lagoon of Kalochori. These worn tires were revealed at the low tide of the previous days, when the water was pulled due to the tidal effect.

The initiative for the cleaning of the area was taken by the Deputy Regional Minister for Development and Environment of Central Macedonia, Costas Gioutikas, while during the cleaning, extensive pollution of the seabed by unconscious actions was detected, in an area of ​​three kilometers along it.

The operation was carried out in consultation with the company that undertook the work of cleaning and remediation of the west coastal front of Thessaloniki and was completed within five days while the tires and all kinds of debris collected were transferred to recycling units.

Thirty undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department of Chemistry of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki were present at the loading and disposal of waste materials during yesterday, the last day of the area decontamination operation, as part of events in the the Ministry of Environment and Energy, for the conservation of biodiversity in marine protected areas.

In his statements, Mr. Gioutikas pointed out that the fight of the Region against environmental degradation and pollution continues, while at the same time on the western coastal front, the cleaning and removal of waste in an area of ​​322 acres in Kalochori has been completed. “The crews are now working in the area of ​​the tanneries, while in the next few days the cleaning of the groundwater in the same area will begin”, he added.



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