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ANTIGONE in ZWBSB Project – Developments in the period of December 2021 – April 2022

ANTIGONE fulfilled one of its most important activities in the Zero Waste BSB Project, namely the “Public awareness campaign on theme: Zero Plastic in Schools/universities/ community groups” (AT 2.3). The awareness campaign has been successfully completed in 3 schools, engaging appr. 800 participants in total (students, teachers, school community members).

Within the Bottle Cup Art Exhibitions (DT 2.3.3) selected students’ art works were exhibited between 11.03.2022-10.04.2022 in the Exhibition “We only have one World” in the social center ECOPOLIS, where several artists participated.

As the Project reaches its finalization period, the Edu-creational Activities (Del. AT2.6) have been completed with the realization of 62 workshops in total. 

The Zero Waste Centre’s operation continues, as on the 25th of January 2022 the Zero Waste Center (DT 3.2.1) was visited by school teachers that were provided informational and promotional material for the project and participated in an interactive workshop titled “Zero Waste at school: A holistic approach to the issue of waste”. On the 30.03.2022 the President of Parents and Guardians Association of the 37 th elementary school of Thessaloniki visited the Zero Waste Center and was supplied with project informational and promotional material to distribute it to the 1st Spring School Fest that took place in the school’s premises on the 10.04.2022. More than 150 visited the 1 st Spring School Fest, according to the organizers.

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