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Some important findings regarding the situation of waste management in the wider area of Thessaloniki have derived through the project Deliverable D.T1.1.1 Prepared Zero Waste Management Guides (Parts Α and B of the ΑΤ.1.1).
In the context of this guide, in order to achieve a better and integrated perception of the current situation, qualitative primary research was conducted. Four stakeholders involved in Municipal Waste Management processes were in-depth interviewed in separated teleconferences: a member of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, a representative of a Civil Society Organisation involved in Ecology issues, an employee of the Cleaning Department of Municipality of Thessaloniki and the owner of a recycling private company.
They all believe that the most important problem of waste management in Greece is the fact that a high percentage of the produced municipal Solid Waste goes to landfills. There is a need for the development of modern structures and facilities for alternative and more “eco-friendly” management systems.
Another crucial problem is the lack of “recycling & reuse culture” in the Greek society. Civil Society Organisations and individual citizens should be informed and be made aware of more viable and eco-friendly waste management approaches and systems. Non-formal educational workshops organised by teachers or ecological NGOs – like the ones implemented within project ZeroWasteBSB – could help pupils to adopt more eco-friendly and viable daily habits for waste management in their lives.
The existing recyclable materials management “system” is not profitable for the potential investors, who are interested in running a business in this field. There are also illegal practice of collecting metals or electronic and electric devices, causing unfair competition with the legitimate companies in the sector.
Many steps should be taken and bureaucracy should be overcοme for the smooth and effective operation of the “Green Spots” promoted by the EU for “sorting at the source” of the recyclable materials.
Another key problem identified is in the assignment of responsibilities without subsequent control over the progress of implementation. In particular, the responsibility for waste management has been transferred to the Local Government without, however, a centrally implemented implementation control mechanism.
More details can be found here