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The project coordinator is:

kirklareli ilozelidaresi

The special provincial administration is a public entity- local authority having administrative and financial autonomy which is established to meet the common local needs of the people in the province of Kirklareli and whose decision- making body is elected by voters. The organs of the special provincial administration are the general provincial council, the provincial executive committee and the governor. It is authorized to provide services of local and common nature, such as related to youth and sport, social services, health, agriculture, industry and trade, culture, arts, tourism, etc. The services are provided at the nearest places to the citizens and include activities in public benefit with the following objectives and aims: Protection of cultural heritage in the Kirklareli region, conservation, restoration and exhibition of cultural monuments, establishment and expansion of cooperation with the competent national and international governmental organizations carrying out activities with similar goals; Implementation of best practices and innovative methods for environmental, material and intangible cultural heritage; Development of project proposals for funding within EU programs, Thrace Development Agency, Ministry of labor and social security. The Kirklareli Special Administration has within its organization a project office which is active for five years with 1 successfully submitted and completed IPA project and 10 National Thrace Development Agency projects which also have been successfully completed. In addition, within the project office there are two full time project experts that work solely on these projects.


The project partners are: 


ANTIGONE is a non-profit organisation established in Thessaloniki in Greece in 1993. The team of ANTIGONE is active in the fields of anti-racism and non-discrimination, human rights, peace, non-violent conflict resolution, and ecology. ANTIGONE has been implementing national and international projects both as a partner and applicant/coordinator. These projects and initiatives have been funded and supported by the Greek Ministry of Interior, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Commission, the Anna-Lindh Foundation, and a number of national and international donors and networks. The organisation realises non-formal education and sensitization workshops to schools and the local community to assure equality for everyone without any discrimination of gender, race, national, social, religious, etc origin, as well as to increase environmental consciousness. Moreover, the organisation carries out seminars and vocational training workshops in various thematic sections. ANTIGONE has a long lasting experience in organizing participatory interactive activities, such as alternative education workshops for both children and adults in an attempt to identify the needs of the participants in many different social and environmental issues. All activities are designed “with” the beneficiaries and not “for” them by the use of participatory approaches.


The Institute of market problems and economic & ecological research (IMPEER) is one of the main research institutions of National Scientific Academy of Ukraine, which was founded on the basis of Odessa Division of the Institute of Economy Scientific Academy of USSR, founded in May, 1970. The results of fundamental and applied research of the Institute are directed to solving actual problems of national economy market reforms, providing ecological safety, development of marine economy and deeping strategy and tactics of stable, balanced social-economical and economic ecological development of Ukrainian Black Sea region. In the round of tasks of the Institute are incoming the researches which directs the present condition of state economy: • institutional factors of the market environment; • development of transport and transit potential of Ukraine and the mechanisms for its implementation; • institutional mechanisms for greening the economy; • overcoming regional disparities and modernization of socio-economic development of the southern regions of Ukraine. For the main research areas of the Institute there was formed the potential of powerful research schools: • theory and practice of sustainable marine sectors in Ukraine • economic and environmental management of resource and environmental safety of the socio-economic development of Ukraine’s transition to sustainable development • upgrading market structures entrepreneurial sector. 


Tsarevo Municipality (Bulgaria) (PP4)

Municipal Administration Tsarevo has extensive experience in the preparation and implementation of projects of national and international programs, infrastructure development and support activities of the municipality. The Municipality of Tsarevo has the “Programs of the European Union” department, which employs 3 experts. Tsarevo Municipality has a lot of experience in preparing and implementing projects funded by different EU programs during the programming periods under the pre-accession funds until 2007 as well as in the programming periods 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 years. The Municipality of Tsarevo has implemented a number of infrastructure projects funded under the Rural Development Program, Operational Program for Regional Development, Maritime and Fisheries Development Program, FLAG Strategy, as well as social projects and projects for children in schools and kindergartens, the NRAs and the OPAC. The Tsarevo Municipality has been working successfully on Bulgaria – Turkey Cross – Border Cooperation Program, with 10 realized projects – infrastructure and soft measures in partnership with various municipalities and organizations from the Republic of Turkey.

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