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Online event of “ANTIGONE” with the theme: “Pollution in the Aegean”

Is there radioactive waste in the Aegean? Are there sources that systematically pollute it? How and how much rubbish ends up in the sea? What is the role of citizens?

These and many other critical questions will be answered during the web conference on “Pollution in the Aegean”, at 6 pm on Wednesday, April 7, 2021 organized by the Information and Documentation Center for Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non-Violence “ANTIGONE”, with the aim of informing and raising public awareness about the protection of the sea.

The event takes place in the framework of the project “Zero Waste Strategy: Methods and Implementation in Black Sea Basin”, acronym “ZeroWasteBSB”, which refers to the zero waste strategy and is part of the program “Joint Operational Program Black Sea Basin 2014-2020”, which It is co-financed by the EU through the European Neighborhood Instrument (EMI) and by the participating countries: Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine.

You can attend the event and participate in the open discussion at the following link: (Meeting ID: 895 2347 2392)


The program is as follows:

18: 00-18: 05 – Welcome
Dimitris Liatsis, Executive of Unit B1 of the Managing Authority INTERREG and the National Contact Point for the Black Sea Basin Program 2014-2020

18: 05-18: 10 – Presentation of the project ZeroWaste BSB788
Dr. Natasa Kiorapostolou, Project Coordinator

18: 10-18: 20 – Introduction – Sources of Pollution in the Aegean
Alexandros Georgopoulos, Professor of AUTh, President of ANTIGONE

18: 20-18: 35 – Pollution from radioactive, toxic waste and petroleum
Michalis Tremopoulos, Vice President of ANTIGONE and former MEP

18: 35-18: 50 – “Fishing trash”
Roxani Naasan Aga – Spyridopoulou, iSea, Fishing For Litter

18: 50-19: 00 – Break

19: 00-19: 15 – Other Sources of Pollution at Sea
Christina Kontaxi, Marine Scientist

19: 15-19: 25 – A few words from the project partners about the sources of pollution in their area
Athena Motsiopoulou, Tania- Maria Guzouma, Zerowaste Project Instructors

19: 25-20: 00 – Open discussion

Coordinated by Athena Motsiopoulou and Tania Guzouma, trainers of the Zerowaste project.

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