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Sharing experience and comments on Zero Waste Centers in BSB

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    This topic aims to provide the place for all the relevant information concerning the way that Zero Waste Centers operate under the BSB parntership.



    Sofia Stefanidou

    In Greece the ZW Center has been operating since November 2021, fully equipped and offering informational and promotional material to visitors. A “train the trainers” workshop has been offered to local teachers in order to offer insight in ZeroWaste educational activities and further promote the projects activities. Networking opportunities with possible cooperating stakeholders are expecting to take place the following months. Local NGOs as well as Municipalities, Private organizations and citizens are welcomed to visit the ZW Center and discuss about cooperation opportunities.

    Zekie Tasim

    The ZeroWaste Center in Kırklareli/Turkey will be operative from the End of March 2022.
    Equipment has been purchased and will be used in the office.

    Hope this will be picked up by stakeholders and the people from the region as well.


    The Zero Waste Center in Tsarevo has been operating since the end of 2021. One computer and one laptop were purchased and used for the needs of the center. A hotline has been set up to signal unregulated garbage collection on the territory of the municipality.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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