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Sharing experience and comments on zero waste campaigns

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    In this topic we aim to share our experiences, useful information, material and best practices regarding the zero waste campaigns that have been implemennted.


    We’d like to share our experience of the 6 clean-up field trips which ANTIGONE organized in natural sites in Thessaloniki, Greece, in BSBZeroWaste project.
    With the active participation of more than 100 volunteers and the municipalities’ support we have managed to prevent almost 10.000 litres of rubbish to end up in the sea and limit their destructive consequences. Five coastal areas and one area near a urban creek were cleaned up.
    The action proved that the active participation of citizens with the local government can have very positive results. The local Municipalities responded in all cases, offering bags and gloves for the litter collection, as well as a vehicle for their transfer in appropriate places, while they contributed with the activity’s publicity as well. We understood that sometimes it is enough to reach out, in order to get some help.
    Regarding the people’s participation, there were some regular volunteers with us in almost every field trip. We also collaborated with local environmental NGOs and invited existing volunteers’ groups to the field trips. Travelling outside the city was note very easy, taking into consideration the COVID parametre, and the filed trips in those areas were mostly supported by local groups The clean-up activities in urban coastal and creek areas were attended by more people, while we even had bypassers stopping, asking about the activity and finally taking part in it!
    Please share your comments and your own experience as well, we’d love to hear some more tips to carry out successful clean-up activites!


    Municipality of Tsarevo conducted two cleaning campaigns within the ZeroWasteBSB project, in which more than 200 participants took part.
    The first was for cleaning the Bulgarian bank of the Rezovska River and took place on May 26, 2021. More than 100 children, teachers, representatives of local authorities, NGOs and citizens from the region joined the project initiative with great enthusiasm. All participants received promotional materials with information about the project, also garbage bags, protective gloves, water and food packages.
    On June 8, 2021, the Municipality of Tsarevo organized and conducted a second one-day campaign for cleaning the Black sea beach for nature-friendly tourism – Coral. The second initiative involved more than 100 children, teachers, NGOs and citizens from Tsarevo Municipality.
    The campaigns have contributed to raising public awareness of zero waste systems in the Black Sea basin.

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    Sofia Stefanidou

    As Spring is an ideal time for clean ups we would like to welcome NGOs, teams of volunteers and local authorities to use this forum in order to collaborate!If you are an NGO, a team of volunteers or a local authority that has spotted an area that calls for action please share!


    In the month of June of this year, the “Honey for Garbage” campaign was held in Tsarevo Municipality, which is a continuation of the efforts of Tsarevo Municipality to raise public awareness about waste pollution.
    Many volunteers, including famous people, joined the cleaning of a wild beach between Ahtopol and Varvara /Tsarevo municipality/. In return for the collected garbage, each participant received a jar of honey, and the three who collected the largest amount of waste were personally awarded by the mayor of the municipality during a specially organized concert in the town of Tsarevo in support of the campaign.
    The initiative was featured in national media newscasts and received wide media coverage across the country.

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