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ANTIGONE in ZWBSB Project – Developments in the period of December 2020 – April 2021

During the past four months, ANTIGONE successfully managed to prepare and deliver on time the Waste characterization research in target areas (Del. A.T1.1), continued with the Edu-creational activities for children and youth, aiming to increase environmental consciousness and inform on the recycling (A.T2.6).


The two researchers contracted to prepare Prepared Zero Waste Management Guides (DT 1.1.1) delivered on time their research reports (part A and B), which are available with free access, on the project’s website


Forty relevant local stakeholders have been contacted to provide their input for the Waste  characterization research as well as for ZW good practices. They were interviewed but also informed about the aspects of the project and the ongoing and forthcoming actions in this context. 


Last but not least, all the actions taken under the Zero waste environmental campaigns in the target area of Thessaloniki (T2.1), had a high level of interest among the young participants, ensuring the importance of engagement of young people in such projects. Since December, 21 workshops have been carried out online due to COVID-19 restrictions, where 453 youngsters have participated and showed high interest.


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