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ANTIGONE in ZWBSB Project – Developments in the period of April 2021 – August 2021

As the restrictions due to Covid-19 are still present during this period, the ZWBSB partners strengthened their online communication with meetings via Zoom and stayed focused on the implementation of activities that can be held online.

ANTIGONE contacted and informed 40 stakeholders during the interviews of the Waste characterization research and completed the lnfo Day “Waste and Active Citizen’s Participation” with the active participation of 60 people, among which representatives from 2 local authorities, from 7 NGOS, at least 2 journalists from local national media, and academics, teachers and General Public. ANTIGONE has also carried out online Awareness Raising Events (Del. AT 2.7), with the following thematic topics: Pollution in the Aegean, Environmental education in activating and engaging citizens, Waste and active citizen participation, Climate change. The events were open to the public and available at  ANTIGONE’s YouTube channel  .


Furthermore, the clean up first field trip (Del. AT 2.8) successfully took place, at the Aretsou bay in Thessaloniki. Check out the following link for more information Aretsou bay clean up ZWBSB .

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