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Results of the field trips in Greece

Within the project Zero Waste Strategy: Methods and Implementation in Black Sea Basin”, short titled “ZeroWasteBSB”, 6 clean up field trips took place in natural sites in Thessaloniki, Greece.

With the active participation of more than 100 volunteers and the municipalities’ support we have managed to stop almost 10.000 litres of rubbish to end up to the sea and limit their destructive consequences. The activity ended on November 2021 and the areas benefited are the following:

  1. Aretsos beach, around the area of Panagia Hospital, Municipality of Kalamaria,
  2. Delta Axios around the wooden observatory area, Municipality of Delta,
  3. Kelarios bay, around the nautical club of Kalamaria, Municipality of Kalamaria,
  4. Regional Drainage Channel, Elairoema Pileas, Municipality of Pilea-Hortiati,
  5. Beach front of Kalohori, Municipality of Delta,
  6. Thessaloniki’s Concert Hall coast, Municipality of Thessaloniki.

The action proved that the active participation of citizens with the local government can have very positive results. The project continues its efforts in this direction with the operation of the ZeroWaste Centers and through the communication platform on this website for stakeholders from the 4 participating countries.


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