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Municipality of Tilos changes the game in waste management

Tilos is changing direction and is a pioneer in municipal waste management. Selects waste sorting at source, in every home and every business. Withdraws bins from streets and common areas.

Garbage becomes “materials” for recycling, recycling and reuse.

Each house now has a bag from the Just Go Zero pilot program where it places the “recyclable materials” and one for non-recyclable ones.

The collector of the bag has discussed and informed every resident of Tilos, what is placed in each bag.
He then receives them from each house and sorts them.

Daily bet of every household the correct sorting so that the recyclables are 80-90%

The data so far show that the program can give impressive results thanks to the cooperation of the Municipality and citizens, who change their habits and protect the environment of their island.

Congratulations to the Mayor Maria Kamma Aliferi, to the Board of Tilos and the residents of Tilos for the transformation of the beautiful island of Dodecanese into an “island of zero waste”.

I was in Tilos after the invitation of the Mayor to EOAN-Hellenic Recycling Organization and of course we will support the initiative of the innovative initiative of Tilos.

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